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ID# C303C03

Sub-problem 3c: Operational Analysis of the South Section of Krome Avenue (Class I Signalized Arterial Facility)

What factors are used to determine urban street LOS? The LOS for a signalized arterial is based on the average speed over its entire length. The average speed is computed by dividing the facility length by the total travel time for each vehicle. The total travel time includes the running time between signals and the control delay for through movements. The LOS thresholds for a Class I arterial are shown in Exhibit 3-21.

Exhibit 3-21. LOS Thresholds for Class I Arterials
LOS A >42 mph
LOS B >34-42 mph
LOS C >27-34 mph
LOS D >21-27 mph
LOS E >16-21 mph
LOS F <16 mph

The running time is determined by an Exhibit within the HCM that provides a running time based on the number of signals per unit length, the free flow speed, and the Class Type.

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