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ID# C303B06

Sub-problem 3b: Operational Analysis of the Center Section of Krome Avenue (Class I or II Two-Lane Highway Facility)

The HCM Chapter 20 procedure has given an overall level of service for this facility, based on the performance measures for two-lane roadways. This procedure does not recognize any intersection-related problems. Therefore, a complete assessment of the facility requires a check of all intersections to ensure that problems are not being overlooked. The proper procedures to apply to intersections are found in HCM Chapter 16 (signalized) and 17 (unsignalized). The details of the intersection analyses will not be presented here.

Apart from the northern boundary at Kendall, which was mentioned in sub-problem 3a, the only operational problem was found at Biscayne. This is an unsignalized intersection with the cross street operating under stop control. Signalization will be required to overcome this deficiency. The signalized intersection analysis will not be covered in this case study.

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