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ID# C302A02

Sub-problem 2a: Analysis of the North Section of Krome Avenue (Class I Two-Lane Highway Facility)

Step 1. Setup

Now let's review each of these questions and how they are important to this analysis.

What information is gained by performing a planning analysis? The example service volume table (HCM Exhibit 12-15) will be applied to this roadway facility to estimate the LOS for planning purposes. Because of the assumptions and approximations that support this exhibit, the HCM suggests that the results should not be used for operational analysis or final design.

What assumptions are used in the service volume tables? The service volumes for LOS A-E are given in HCM Exhibit 12-15 as a function of the free-flow speed (45-65 mph) and the type of terrain (level, rolling or mountainous). The terrain is very flat as is typical for all coastal Florida highways. The free flow speed for this facility has been determined from field observations as 55 mph. The design hour volume has been determined from field observations as 1,110 vph.

What level of confidence do the results carry? The results of the analysis carried out in this sub-problem is a function of the changes that occur over the planning horizon for the analysis. Considering the potential for development previously cited, it is likely that the level of confidence for our analysis is low.

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