Use the search box to locate documents in this web containing specific topics or keywords. The text search engine will display an alphabetical listing of matching documents, with the keyword (or topic), the location of the case study, and the hyperlinked path. In order to access the page, click on the hyperlink below the title. Below is a brief explanation of the query language, along with examples.

Query Language

This text search engine is not case sensitive, and it does not accept Boolean expressions containing the keywords AND, OR, and NOT, or grouped with parenthesis. Additionally, it does not accept punctuation in the place of these Boolean expressions.

Results are displayed as

1. words that match the typed keywords or letters.

2. words that start with the typed keywords or letters.

3. words that contain the typed keywords or letters.


Access spacing

Finds documents containing 'access' and 'spacing'.


Finds documents containing 'access' and 'spacing', regardless of case.


Finds documents containing words starting with 'ac' and containing 'ac' such as 'access' and 'facility'. Matching documents are first displayed as those that are equal to the input ('ac'), followed by those starting with 'ac', which are then listed in alphabetical order, followed by those containing 'ac', again in alphabetical order.


Lists all searchable terms in database.

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