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ID# C102A03

Sub-problem 2a: Analysis of the Existing TWSC Intersection Considering the Effects of the Adjacent Intersections

What additional data are needed when we consider the effect of adjacent intersections? The additional data needed are for the upstream signalized intersection. We need to consider the following variables:


distance from the signalized intersection to the subject TWSC intersection


the progression speed of the through platoon


the length of the traffic signal cycle


the volume of the platooned or progressed vehicles


the saturation flow rate of the signalized intersection


the arrival type for major street through vehicles at the signalized intersection

bulletthe effective green time for the signalized intersection

What is the potential effect of mid-block driveways on these arrival patterns? If there are mid-block driveways between the upstream signalized intersection and the subject TWSC intersection, vehicles other than those in structured platoons from the signalized intersection will arrive at the TWSC intersection. These vehicles may reduce the size of the large gaps that otherwise would be present at the TWSC intersection. While the HCM model does not account for this effect, you should keep this in mind if the intersection you are studying has mid-block driveways.

What computational tools are used to compute the capacity of a TWSC intersection when considering the effect of adjacent intersections? We will use the same procedure from Chapter 17 of the HCM for TWSC intersections. This time, however, we will consider the upstream signal module that is included in this procedure.

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